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The Nike Pro Women’s Sports Bra features snug support ideal for medium-impact sports like cycling, dance and cardio classes. Sweat-wicking Dri-FIT fabric keeps you comfortable during a workout or on game day.


Ultra-soft Dri-FIT fabric wicks sweat away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable..


A brushed chestband provides an ultra-soft, secure fit.


  • Racerback to give you wide range of motion
  • Flat seams move smoothly against your skin
  • For medium-impact sports like cycling, dance and cardio classes


  • Fabric: Dri-FIT 54% nylon/ 34% polyester/ 12% spandex
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Color Black
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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Unfortunately Oklahoma State already had a pretty decent Running Back by the name of Thurman Thomas which put Barry in the back up roll. After Thurman Thomas was drafted to the NFL, Barry became the lead back and set the bar that every back strives to get to today. He gained 2,628 yards rushing averaging 7.6 yards per carry, over 200 yards per game, 3,249 all purpose yards, 39 total touchdowns, 37 rushing touchdowns wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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